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The Green House Project (TGHP), established in 2013, is a company that promotes a healthy environment indoors, whether it is in one’s home or work place. They incorporate plants and greeneries in today’s modern lifestyle and setting. One of their primary goals is to allow each person to benefit from the gifts of Mother Nature even when they are confined in closed areas. TGHP develops means for people to enjoy greeneries without the need for an outdoor garden, complex gardening skills and know-how. They are advocates of the green movement and hopes that with their products and efforts they would raise awareness for the importance of plants and the role they play as well as inspire more people to live greener lives.

The Green House Project specializes in dish gardening, terrarium setups, hydroponics and aeriums. Throughout the years, The Green House Project has managed to grow through their hands on and personal approach in creating each of their products.